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Mount Isa Physio always strives to provide excellent services, value and outcomes. We would like to thank everyone who has given feedback on the Pilates classes.

We have listened to your thoughts and have redesigned the format of the classes with emphasis on CORE PILATES principles, these being the  3 main components of Core Stability:

  • Neutral spine:  Neutral Spine should be a comfortable back position for the client to begin with but then the main aim is to maintain this position throughout the session.
  • Transverse Abdominus/Pelvic Floor: An extensive muscle wrapping around the trunk which is relatively thin. It is a postural muscle that is activated through the pelvic floor muscles. When contracted at a sub-maximal level, it functions to hold the trunk upright and brace the spine.
  • Lumbar Multifidus: Stabilizing deep back muscle crucial in maintaining anterior pelvic rotation to neutral and neutral lumber spine. It is often ignored in the quest for a ‘flat tummy’.

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