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Case management/injury management

Mount Isa Physiotherapy is your case management/ injury management specialist for work-related and non-work-related injuries.

We use a risk management model to plan ahead for workers’ return to work time. We do so by providing management with detailed written plans that address the potential barriers/risks in the return to work process of an employee. This model ensures that a worker’s return to full duties is swift, and also mitigates the potential for any injury claims in the future.

We can assist your business by:

a. Reviewing policies and procedures

• Compliance with legislation concerning work injuries is essential. We will review your documentation and advise regarding any modifications required.
• Assist with the development of policies and procedures, logistical planning for both work and non-work-related injuries. This will be in consultation with management.
• Review and/or develop health management strategies and initiatives.

b. Developing Job Descriptions/Job Tasks Analysis

• This involves formal assessments undertaken by our physiotherapists. These documents are used by case managers, doctors and health professionals to advise on suitable duties and return to work programs.

c. Liaison with Workcover Qld concerning claims processes

• We liaise with insurers and facilitate timely decision making in the return to work process.
• We liaise with insurers and facilitate timely decision making in the return to work process.

Our obligations as rehabilitation and return to work coordinators

• We ensure rehabilitation is coordinated with and understood by managers, line management and co-workers
• We initiate early communication with an injured worker following injury
• We will provide overall coordination in the workplace of the worker’s return to work
• We develop suitable duties programs where required in consultation with injured workers and the worker’s employer
• We ensure suitable duties programs are consistent with the current medical certificate or medical report
• We will liaise with all relevant parties.
• We utilize a risk management approach to managing claims