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Clinical Pilates

Clinical pilates is a form of exercise used by our physiotherapists to help rehabilitate an injury or condition. Typically performed on a machine called a reformer, clinical pilates provides a tailored exercise program that is focused on your treatment and goals. Because these sessions are run by physiotherapists, you will be receiving routines from qualified health specialists that know how your body works, and know how to optimise your functionality and movement backed by clinical research!

What are the benefits of Clinical Pilates?

The benefits of clinical pilates are endless. With a multitude of different exercises that can be performed, it is possible to tailor a routine to suit the needs of any individual. Clinical pilates can help to:
• Improve core strength
• Increase flexibility
• Aid in the rehabilitation process
• Increase strength without creating bulk
• Tone muscles
• Provide a whole-body fitness
• Reduce pelvic pain
• Correct posture
• Relax tight muscles
• Prevent injury
• Reduce back and neck pain
• Improve endurance
• Improve stability
• Enhance overall wellbeing
• Relieve stress

Who will benefit from Clinical Pilates

Almost everyone can benefit from clinical pilates. Clinical pilates is extremely helpful for people recovering from surgery or an injury, whereby professional athletes rely on clinical pilates to help speed up and improve their rehabilitation process.

Clinical pilates can also be used to help in preparation for mothers pre-pregnancy, and also support the changes of body postpartum. Pilates is very easily adaptable for many fitness levels or needs, so whether you are just starting to exercise, an athlete looking for a change of routine, or anything in between, the foundations of pilates movement will apply to you.

How do I get started with Clinical Pilates?

It is always best for one of our physiotherapists to provide a detailed assessment of your injury or condition. This will help them determine any areas of your body they need to focus on. They will then be able to create a tailored program that targets your needs and goals.

So whether you are rehabilitating from an injury, wanting to improve your core strengths and flexibility, or simply want to become more active and healthy, we’ll have a program for you. Book in your initial physiotherapy session to get started.