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Corporate Health

Mount Isa Physiotherapy is committed to delivering health services that assist in making your organisation a healthier and more productive place to work. We believe that by prioritising your workers’ health, you are giving them the means to focus on the task at hand and work to the best of their ability.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality assessment and treatment for your workers. We focus on the management of any injury, work-related or not and provide solutions that aim at preventing workplace injuries from occurring. We do this by educating your workforce with the best practices that keep them safe and working efficiently. We also provide services that focus on dealing with injuries so that workers are taken care of and are able to return to work swiftly and confidently.

Services we provide

We have worked with a range of companies from a multitude of different industries, and are experienced in tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of your workers. Some of the services we can provide your organisation include:

• Manual task risk management training
• Job specific functional pre-employments
• Functional capacity evaluations
• On-site physiotherapy
• Drug and alcohol screening
• Fitness testing
• Confined space physicals
• Wellness workshops and seminars
• Ergonomic assessments and training
• Manual handling training
• Injury prevention programs
• Job task analysis (JTA)
• Work hardening programs
• Third party claims
• Suitable duties plans
• Injury rehabilitation

Dedicated to providing the best patient focused outcomes, Mount Isa Physiotherapy will ensure that your company is a healthier and happier place to work. Working closely with referring providers, management and your staff, we handle all aspects of communication to ensure that your workers return to work after injury is as smooth as possible.

Contact us today to learn how we can optimise the safety and productivity of your workplace through physiotherapy.