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Job-specific functional pre employments

A Job Specific functional pre-employment is a risk management approach that an organisation can take to match the demands of a job task to a worker’s ability to undertake that task. A worker’s physical capability is tested against the properly assessed task demands of the proposed role. This provides an organisation with a risk profile for that applicant in respect to the actual physical demands of the specified role.
In a job-specific functional pre-employment, our physiotherapists will assess the demands of a job-task then design a relevant, and innovative functional test to replicate these demands.
The result is that you can have confidence in the outcomes achieved. We will provide health risk reduction strategies if appropriate, as well as a detailed explanation of all outcomes.

Our point of difference:

Our clinic is equipped with real on-the-job equipment that ensures that the functional assessments we provide are as relevant as possible in relation to the tasks your workers undertake. We have worked with a wide range of organisations across multiple industries, so you can rest assured knowing that we can provide your organisation with highly accurate techniques to manage the risks of your workers.
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