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Our physiotherapists at Mount Isa Physiotherapyhave extensive experience in the prevention and treatment of injuries for workers within the mining sector. We act as the preferred provider for several mines in the local Mount Isa area and have a purpose built clinic that allows us to provide advice to your workers that is based on applications of mining-specific job tasks and clinical physiotherapy research.

Our Work Hardening Centre

This purpose driven layout of our clinic allows our physiotherapists to develop comprehensive assessments and training plans for your workforce that are based on the specific requirements of the mining sector.

Our work hardening centre simulates work tasks that are designed in collaboration with the worker and workplace for increased relevance and effectiveness. For training purposes, this allows your organisation to ensure that your workers are fully prepared and educated in the tasks they are expected to undertake, and are able to hit the ground running either as they begin employment, or upon returning to work after injury. You can learn more about our work hardening centre here

Specific to the mining sector, our Physiotherapists can provide:

• Workplace injury management
• Graded return to work plans
• Pre-employment assessments
• On-Site and off-site, hands on physiotherapy
• Mining role physical requirements reports
• Manual handling training

Benefits to your organisation

Partnering with a physiotherapist ensures that your workforce is performing their activities in a safe and correct manner. Healthy workers are happy workers and are guaranteed to stay with your organisation longer. Some of the benefits of contracting a physiotherapist’s services for your organisation include:
• Increasing the moral of workers
• Minimise the costs of work cover claims
• Reduced worker absenteeism
• Allowing workers to focus on their job tasks
• A contribution to a safe and happy workplace
• Mitigation of the risk of injury
• Less disruption to workers schedules

Perfectly located to service the Mount Isa region, our practice has the means and equipment to provide your workforce with the highest level of health care. Our physiotherapists have worked with a wide range of mining companies and can quickly adapt their practices to suit whatever the needs of your organisation are. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can make your workforce a happier and more productive place to work.