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Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

The term musculoskeletal refers to most of the structures which hold our bodies together and help it to move – these include: muscles, bones, joints, nerves, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and spinal discs.

Our team at Mount Isa Physiotherapy specializes in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and continuously upgrades these skills by regularly attending the relevant education courses.
The most common musculoskeletal problems seen by physios include:

• Post-op orthopaedic rehabilitation:

Physiotherapy can assist in settling pain and inflammation and quickly rehabilitating muscles post-operation, so they can continue to support your joints as they are designed to do.

• Sporting and acute workplace injuries:

Muscle tears, inflammation and strains of ligaments, joints and tendons, and joint cartilage problems are common, but are debilitating afflictions which really slow us down in what we want to do. Early physiotherapy treatment usually promotes a quicker recovery by reducing pain and swelling and stiffness, allowing faster and safer return to work, sports and other activities.

• Shoulder pain and dysfunction:

Often shoulder problems are complex, and result from long term muscle imbalances which we’re either unaware of, or frequently were just asymptomatic to for many years. Physiotherapy can successfully rehabilitate your shoulder issues through skillful biomechanical assessment and working with you to stretch, strengthen, realign and stabilize your problematic shoulder. We’ll devise an individualized rehab program specific to your individual needs.

• Knee Pain:

Whether a result of injury, wear and tear or arthritic conditions, knee pain is a very common issue which eventually affects most people from time to time. Physiotherapy is very effective for settling knee pain, and for determining the root cause of your problem. Whilst we can’t undo the degenerative changes associated with true arthritis – we can settle the pain, and get your muscles working well again – and get you back on track so you are in control. Learn more

• Neck pain and headaches:

It’s really hard to be happy with a pain in the neck! Headaches, neck and shoulder pain are often caused by inflammation of joints, muscles and nerves in the neck.
Your physiotherapist will help relieve those awful pains and aches, and will work with you to help prevent recurrence by looking at your posture and possible issues with how you arrange your computer workstation. Learn more

• Back pain and sciatica:

These can be serious issues which require a skilled physiotherapist to assess and treat for a timely recovery. X Rays and scans are helpful – but don’t always tell the whole story of why your spine is giving you grief. Your physiotherapist will not only give you relief of your symptoms, they will work hard to get to the root cause of your problem. We’ll provide a holistic approach, addressing your core strength and stability, as well as muscle imbalances, and physical habits or behaviours that may be aggravating your problem. Learn more

Your physiotherapist will be skilled at assessing your musculoskeletal problem, and planning an individual treatment and rehabilitation program. If you wish to book an appointment, you can do so online, or give our clinic a call today.