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Mount Isa Physiotherapy is a registered provider of services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Our passionate and committed therapists are experienced in helping participants and their families navigate the NDIS and receive the treatment they deserve. We are able to develop a treatment plan and service agreement to help you or a loved one receive the best care now, and right into the future.

We strive to help improve independence and increase the confidence of our patients, and are experienced in the treatment of:
• Physical disabilities (amputations, post-surgical)
• Complex neurological conditions (multiple sclerosis, stroked, cerebral palsy)
• Acquired brain injuries
• Cardiorespiratory conditions
• Spinal cord injuries
• Post operative rehabilitation
• Intellectual disabilities
• Much more

How Physiotherapy can help

Physiotherapy can help people with disabilities to participate in physical activities that they’re interested in, like going to the beach or participating in an exercise class.

Our physiotherapists can develop an individualised treatment plan to help overcome any barriers that prevent you from doing the things you love. The support that is provided will depend on your goals, personal circumstances and existing support network.

Our physiotherapists can provide you with hands-on manual therapy treatment that focuses on your disability to help you move more freely.

Your first session with one of our physiotherapists will focus on learning how your disability affects you and the things you love to do. This will include looking at the way you participate in daily activities, like moving around home and in the community.

After finishing their assessment, the physiotherapist will make some recommendations and provide treatment that work towards making you move better. These will include:

• Hands on manual therapy to help improve general body functioning, endurance, balance and fitness, joint movement and muscle strength
• The prescription of mobility equipment. These will be used to help you stand, walk or move around more freely and easily. Types of equipment include knee braces, wheelchairs and walking frames
• The inclusion of extra support in your NDIS plan to ensure that physiotherapy related support is given. This can include the need to visit local swimming pools to undertake hydrotherapy sessions.

Some more specific treatments and recommendations you may receive include:

• Functional assessments
• Post-operative rehab
• Manual handling education
• Exercise programs
• Fall prevention and management
• Stretching programs
• Strengthening programs
• Hydrotherapy
• Soft and deep tissue massage
• Advice on pain management

Mount Isa Physiotherapyis dedicated to making your NDIS journey as easy as possible, so that you can focus solely on your treatment. We are experienced in navigating the NDIS and getting the best possible results for our patients. If you or a loved one would like to begin your NDIS journey with us, give us a call now to book in your initial consultation.