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Mount Isa Physiotherapy Centre has built a reputation as being one of the best physiotherapy practices in the Mount Isa area. What this has come down to is our caring physiotherapists providing the highest standard of treatment possible, for every patient they see. Our physiotherapists are experienced in a range of techniques including hands on manual therapy, dry needling, shockwave therapy, and spinal decompression which allows them to deliver the ultimate care for their patients, no matter the condition.

Mount Isa Physiotherapy centre has been specially adapted to meet the unique needs of people and companies within the region. Our clinic is fitted with a work-hardening centre that helps our physios deliver job task specific advice to the staff of organisations and mining companies. This allows us to broaden our range of offerings and provide exemplary services to all of our clients, whatever their needs.

Our physiotherapists focus on improving their patients health and well-being goals through evidence-based practice. We focus on treating each patient as a whole, instead of narrowing down on the injury and treating it as an isolated incident. This ‘holistic’ approach means we factor in lifestyle habits when treating a condition, in order to focus on the bigger picture, allowing our physios to not only provide relief from pain, but ensure that the condition is treated for the long-term.

What we can treat

At Mount Isa Physiotherapy, we are able to help with the healing and management of pain for a broad range of injuries and conditions. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

• Knee pain
• Back pain
• Neck pain
• Ankle injuries
• Arthritis
• Tennis/Golfers elbow
• Headaches, migraines and TMJ pain
• Post-operative rehab
• Hand and wrist injuries
• Whiplash
• Work injuries
• Pre and postnatal care
• Neurological care
• Sciatica
• Shin splints
• Shoulder pain
• Vertigo
• Much more!

What treatment methods do we offer?

Due to the complex nature of the body, our clinic has adopted a wide range of techniques and treatments so that we are able to provide a high standard of care to our clients, no matter their ailment. These methods include:

• Manual therapy
• Dry needling
• Shockwave therapy
• Spinal decompression therapy
• Joint mobilisation/manipulation
• Massage
• Strapping and bracing
• Exercise programs
• Clinical pilates

At Mount Isa Physio, we endeavour to identify the cause of your condition and find a solution to help you get back to health. We are dedicated to providing you with fast pain relief and empowering you with the correct knowledge regarding your condition to help manage your pain for the long term. If you wish to make a start on your treatment, then contact us today to book an appointment.