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Work hardening centre

Our Work Hardening Centre at Mount Isa Physiotherapy provides a functional bridge for successfully integrating workers back into the workforce.
Our Work Hardening Centre is built on physiotherapy and ergonomic principles, which allows us to provide benchmark industrial rehabilitation and injury preventative services unique to Queensland. We work in close collaboration with rehabilitation providers and workplaces to ensure the best possible outcomes for employee’s are met.

Some of the key features of our Work Hardening Centre include

Simulated industrial tasks:

• Use of real mining equipment (truck ladders; excavator cabin; tools)
• Simulated work tasks designed in collaboration with the worker and workplace for increased relevance and effectiveness

Risk Management

An approach to manual tasks incorporating best practice tools.

Collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach:

• We work closely with all rehab providers: physiotherapists, ergonomists, GPs, risk managers, occupational physicians
• We ensure all workplace representatives remain informed every step of the way eg: supervisors, trainers
• An emphasis is placed on the workplace for program input to ensure the most accurate program is delivered. We require access to the relevant equipment, and monitor workers in a carefully planned, return to work ‘training’ course.

Early intervention and cohesive processes

By working closely with your workforce from an early stage, we can help mitigate losses due to claims by reducing the time-elapsed of a claim.

Successful outcomes:

• Real work fitness maintained/regained for safer return to site duties
• Demonstrated improved functional capabilities
• Positive and sustained return to work outcomes

Future success

• Increased collaboration between stakeholders will further streamline the transition from injury to normal function
• Monitoring of long term success will deliver cost savings for your organisations
We understand the important relationship between a safe, happy workplace, and the cost-saving benefits this brings to an organisation. A workforce of healthier employee’s means reduced absenteeism and claims made for rehabilitation. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our Work Hardening Program.