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Workplace visits

Our Physiotherapists at Mount Isa Physiotherapy can provide a range of services, on-site to your organisation, that will ensure your workplace is free from harm, and your workers are undertaking their tasks in the safest manner possible.

We can visit your workplace to provide:

Work Site Analysis (WSA)

A complete assessment of the workplace will be done to determine your workers’ ability to perform their duties safely according to various roles. WSA’s are appropriate for workers:
• being placed in a job where there are concerns about their physical suitability for the tasks required.
• undertaking work training or a work trial.
• reporting pain or discomfort at work.
• following extended periods away from demanding tasks, e.g. prolonged or serious illness, extended leave or lighter work role.
Worksite Analysis are an important part of an occupational rehabilitation program and can assist in the development of a return to work program.A WSA will provide your organisation with a:
• Detailed explanation of assessment outcomes to the client/ employer.
• Provision of a written report which is distributed to key parties.
• Consultation with the treating Medical practitioner and Rehabilitation Coordinator regarding suitable duties.
• Preventative strategies and advice to minimize potential work injuries and optimise outcomes.
• Recommendations to assist in safely maintaining an “at-risk” worker in the workplace.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

FCEs are useful to analyze and assess a workers’ current physical status and their own ability to perform their jobs safely and effectively.

Suitable Duties Plan (SDP)

This plan outlines a mark of safety for the work that can be done by a worker. It also applies strict restrictions and recommendations for implementation within the working environment to nullify/minimize pain or aggravation of the injury.

Ergonomic Assessments

Such assessments are done at the workplace, and recommendations are given to the workers to encourage postural corrections, and to minimize unhealthy/bad habits at the workplace. Stretching and muscle-strengthening exercises are also suggested.

A workplace visit and analysis conducted by a qualified physiotherapist, like those at Mount Isa Physio, can ensure that the risk of injury in your workplace is drastically reduced. Preventing injury through a range of job-specific assessments will ensure that workers are undertaking their tasks correctly, and future claims for compensation are mitigated.

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