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Manual Tasks Risk Management Training is much more than learning how to lift! Educate your workplace in how to assess the risk of manual tasks and how to take responsibility for managing their own risks associated with manual tasks.

Training should really reduce risk AND improve productivity, not just tick a box.

Manual Tasks Risk Assessment:

We believe that optimising the safety of manual tasks should be treated as a risk management process. Mount Isa Physiotherapy / Ergofix utilise latest ergonomic research and a benchmark risk management model to educate managers, supervisors and workers regarding the manual handling risk factors inherent in your workplace and provide practical tools to assist manual task problem solving and risk management.

  • A best practice Manual Tasks Risk Assessment tool (ManTra)¬†provides a systematic basis for identifying and ranking the physical risks associated with manual handling tasks.
  • Job roles are observed and video taped by our consultants and incorporated into training packages to provide relevant illustrative knowledge and problem solving based assessment of workers competency. Workers see themselves in tier own familiar work environment, and are asked to problem solve situations tat they are familiar (and¬†often complacent) with.

Our Ergonomists can tailor training packages to your needs to up-skill management and supervisory staff in benchmark methods of assessing manual task risk factors.

Knowledge of risk factors, along with basic physiology of injury and healing processes facilitates the risk management process and promotes better insight into priority areas for job redesign.

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