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Knee pain

Knee pain is one of the most common conditions we see in our clinic. Due to its complex structure, it is important to accurately diagnose the condition as the knee plays a pivotal role in all ground movements of the human body.

Symptoms of Knee Pain

Pain in your knee can originate from one of its many structures, including the knee joint, knee cap or the surrounding tendons, ligaments and cartilage.
Some symptoms of knee pain that you may encounter include:
• Inflammation
• Difficulty weight bearing
• Difficulty walking
• Limping due to discomfort
• Swelling
• Redness
• Locking of the knee
• Inability to extend the knee

What are the common causes of Knee Pain?

• ACL injury
• Bursitis
• Chondromalacia patella
• Hamstring strain
• ITB syndrome
• Knee arthritis
• Knee ligament injuries
• Knee replacement
• Meniscus tear
• Muscle strain (muscle pain)
• Osgood-Schlatter’s disease
• Overuse injuries
• Patellar tendonitis (tendinopathy)
• Patellofemoral syndrome
• Sinding Larsen Johansson syndrome
• Stress fracture
• Thigh strain

Treatment for Knee Pain

Different types of treatment for knee pain can include:
• Knee mobilization techniques
• Massage and manual therapy
• Taping
• Stretching and strengthening exercises
• Shockwave therapy
• Various exercise regimes

Different conditions present very differently and often knee pain can worsen over time. Finding out the exact diagnosis is key to recovery and a simple physiotherapy assessment can accurately diagnose what is causing your pain. Rarely, radiology scans will be required but if this is the case, our experienced team can recommend this for you.

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